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Buyers – Conditions of Sale


    1. the information recorded in this buying form is true and correct in all respects;
    2. the Applicant has never been, and is not now, insolvent or in liquidation;
    3. the Applicant has not applied for a debt review and is not subject to debt intervention or a debt rearrangement order or agreement in terms of the National Credit Act, 2005
  2. The Applicant agrees that, within 7 days of any change of any of the information disclosed in this buying form, it will deliver
    to Wozza Meat Co. written notice of that change, by hand or email.
  3. Subject to the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (POPI Act), the Applicant authorizes Wozza
    Meat Co. to at any time:
    1. request and collect from any source, including any credit bureau, any information, including personal information (as defined
      in the POPI Act), relating to the Applicant to establish the Applicant’s compliance, creditworthiness and/or state of
    2. store such information in any media, including an electronic database regardless of where in the world it is hosted, for as long as Wozza Meat Co. considers it necessary for the purposes of this buying form and for any other compatible purpose;
    3. reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute, display and use in any way and in any media, such information for the purposes of this buying form and for any other compatible purpose, provided that Wozza Meat Co. preserves the integrity of such information; and
    4. verify any such information by any means, including by carrying out credit bureau and third party checks.
  4. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that:
    1. Wozza Meat Co. may transmit to its credit bureau information about this buying form, including the Applicant’s personal information and information about its non-compliance;
    2. Wozza Meat Co.’s credit bureau may provide a credit profile and possibly a credit score on the Applicant’s creditworthiness;
    3. Wozza Meat Co. may disclose any information relating to the Applicant, including the Applicant’s personal information, to
    4. any third party with whom the Applicant has, or intends to have, credit relations, on request by that third party.
  5. In so far as the Applicant seeks credit from Wozza Meat Co., this Buying Form and the attached terms and conditions shall form the contractual framework for that credit to be extended.
  6. The Applicant agrees that all credit transactions concluded with Wozza Meat Co. will be subject to Wozza Meat Co.’s standard terms and conditions of sale (STC’s), attached to this buying form, which the Applicant has read and understood.
The party/ies who has/have appended his/her signature hereto on behalf of the Applicant:
  • Hereby interpose and bind hinself/herself/themselves, jointly and severally, the one paying the other to be absolved as surety/ies and co-principal debtor/s in solidum unto and in favour of Wozza Meat Co. for the due and punctual payment and discharge by the Applicant of all debts and obligations, from whatsoever cause and howsoever arising, which the applicant may in the past, or now, or from time to time hereafter owe or be obliges to fulfil to Wozza Meat Co. and/or its successors and assigns;
  • Agree that this suretyship shall remain of full force and effect until cancelled by Wozza Meat Co. in writing; and
  • Renounce the benefits of the legal exceptions of excussion and division, cession of action and no value received.