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Beef Fillet

Grassfed beef fillet stuffed with plenty of garlic, marinated over-night in olive oil, onions, thyme, rosemary and black pepper.

Added lots of Himalayan rock salt just before cooking.

Braai’d whole on hot coals for 15-20mins.

Dry Aged Beef: Dry aging of beef is done in a controlled, open-air space allowing the free flowing of air around the meat. Dry aging of meat will produce nutty, earthy and robust beef with hints of blue cheese.

A flavour for the acquired palate appreciated by meat lovers.

Why must beef be aged?
In layman’s terms, during the slaughter process (a very strict humane process) the animal goes through rigor mortis, which causes the muscles to contract. The aging process is the time taken to allow these muscles to relax and as they do the meat becomes tender.

The ideal aging time?
In theory, 14 days is the right time. At Wozza Meat Co. we believe 21 days is perfect.

Steak Cuts

Fillet, Sirloin, Rump, Rib Eye,
T-Bone, Tomahawk.

The most tender cuts of all.
Boneless or Bone In – Comes with a nice strip of fat along the top providing a juicy intense beef flavour. Wozza’s favourite steak.

A tender steak packed with flavour. South Africa’s favourite steak.

Boneless or Bone In – This cut comes from the shoulder area of the animal and is arguably the cut with the most flavour.
The best of both worlds,  separated by a T shaped bone, you have a sirloin on one side and fillet on the other.

Essentially a Rib Eye on the bone. The bone is left long to look like a tomahawk, or as some call it, Caveman steak. This is a great piece of meat, you must come hungry, this one’s for the big eaters.

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